Animation events

As part of the Festival, Eurocuivres also organizes Animation-Events that allow young people from children’s recreationnal centers or specialized health centers, families from local community centers, and older citizens from retirement homes to discover the work of the trainees.

Animation event request ?

You wish to host a musical event within your facilities?
Eurocuivres is at your disposal to organise an Animation-Event thourough the period of the Festival…Please contact us for further enquiry!

These Animation-Events enable a broader public to discover a musical culture that is often unknown to them, in a new and different context :

  • By featuring musical instruments that appear to belong to an elitist educative system (Conservatory of music).
  • By allowing childrend and teenagers to hear a more varied musical repertoire (classical music, of course, but also film scores, pop songs, …)
  • By introducing a wider audience to the study and practice of instruments of the brass and percussion family.
  • By showing the reality of a musician’s life : a great deal of pleasure, and all the hard work that it requires!