The 2024 Eurocuivres Academy will take place from the 19th to the 29th of July, at Lycée Germaine Tillion, 1 Bis rue Pierre Donzelot, 25200 Montbéliard (Locate on GoogleMaps )


The Academy is made for musicians of all levels (from beginners – after one or two years of instrumental practice – to confirmed musicians) and all horizons : wind orchestra, brass band, music school, conservatory of music…Every musician that wishes to improve his instrumental practice and have fun in the process is welcome

Educationnal course

The educationnal course is organized in 3 stages : Workshops divided by classes of instruments in the morning (allowing time for individual guidance to each student), group rehearsals in the afternoon, and the events and concerts of the Festival in the evenning (allowing the sudents to perform alongside professional musicians from various backgrounds and techniques)

The workload of the trainees is designed to focus on specific aspects, and is adjusted to the student’s level and expectations : personnal projets, preparation to entrance exams (to conservatories or colleges of music).

Ensemble music

For ensemble pratice, the trainees will rehearse musical works specificaly arranged for the Eurocuivres Academy by Rémy Abraham, Pascal Bouton et Cédric Martinez.

Instruments presentation

Various instruments will be showcased during the Academy, thus allowing the trainees to discover and try them out.


For the underaged students, the Eurocuivres Academy will take place in a Holiday Center certified by the french Minister of Youth and Sports.
Supervision is provided by qualified and certified counselors.